Ensuring Stress Free Removal of Furniture

Removal of FurnitureDid you know that removal of excess, old or unwanted furniture could save you lots of space, time and money?

Recent statistics point out that 1 out of every 10 homeowners rent storage units for storage of excess stuff, (mostly furniture) while the rest prefer to make use of their garages and basement. However, since the onset of the recession, the Self Storage Association has estimated a reduction of 3% on occupancies at storage facilities nationwide. Although not a cataclysmic drop, this statistics are a clear indication that people are resorting to other alternative ways of dealing with their junk. One particular alternative that has grown popular over the years and continues to be the best option is the hiring of junk removal services.

Professional junk removal services save you the frustration, injuries and damages quite synonymous with removal of furniture. At a reasonable fee, a junk removal company will haul and dispose unwanted or old furniture professionally and with accordance to the law of state. That means you won’t have to stress about any government penalties for dumping in prohibited areas or have to drag your couches down the curb for a yard sale either; junk removal services save you all that stress.

Armed with the right equipment, proper certification, years of experience and skills, junk removal companies offer you full service, all you have to do is point. They do all the carrying and even clean up after they’re done. Perhaps the best part about hiring junk removal services however, is their ability to turn your junk in to items that can be used. If your property happens to be in good shape, they will donate it, if it has seen better days they will recycle it and if it can not be donated or recycled then they will dispose of it properly. Much better than collecting dust in your basement, right?

However, a lot of people tend to think that hiring junk removal service is an unnecessary expense. This is not true, in fact, using a junk removal company for removing your unwanted furniture can actually save you money. For instance, did you know that you are spending an average of 10 dollars per square foot storing items in your house? Did you also know that you could end up paying as much as 1,000 dollars in rent annually for storage units when the items stored are not even worth 100 dollars? And that’s not all, unnecessary furniture also costs you physically. Being unable to locate misplaced items in your own home or worse yet not being able to grace your living room with a new set of furniture all because of the excess furniture can bring about feelings of frustration and anxiety. You don’t have to keep your furniture just because you paid for it, keep it because it has a functional and aesthetic value in your home.

Removal of furniture isn’t expensive or unnecessary either; with the right junk removal company, you could save a lot on money, time and space. The more you have the more occupied you become, reduce the complexity of your life by getting rid of stuff you don’t need.

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